1- Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds. (If you do not have soap and water, use alcohol-based disinfectants.)

2- Cover your mouth and nose when others sneeze or cough. (When coughing or sneezing, hold a tissue in front of your mouth and then throw it in the trash.)

3- Avoid contact with people who have flu-like symptoms.

4- Avoid unprotected contact with wild and domestic animals.

5- In mass gatherings, be sure to use a mask and avoid rubbing hands with others.

6- It is necessary to maintain a distance of one meter with those who have symptoms of the disease.

7- Disinfect objects and surfaces you touch most often.

8- Avoid touching public vehicles and surfaces in crowded places and public transportation. (Try to have disposable gloves with you.)

9- Avoid touching your eyes and face, especially with non-sterile handles.

10- Avoid close contact with sick or suspicious people.

11- Clean and sterilize your personal dishes and utensils and separate them from others.

12- Always wash your hands before eating.

13- Cook meat and eggs thoroughly. (The transmission of the disease through meat and eggs has not yet been determined.)

14- Stay at home when you are sick. (The best way to prevent coronary heart disease is to stay home.)

15- Stop traveling and start watching serials and surfing the web at home.