The following will protect you to some extent from the deadly corona virus.

As much as possible, do not go out of the house unintentionally (travel is prohibited, if you have a cold or fever, travel and shopping is strictly forbidden)

Avoid close contact with fellow travelers who have a fever and cough.

Disinfect your hands regularly with soap and water or gel.

Preferably wear disposable plastic gloves.

Replace disposable gloves regularly after contact with contaminated and public surfaces.

Avoid setting in meetings.

Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose.

Do not forget the mask. Put it properly on the mouth and nose.

If you become ill during the trip, inform the flight crew (flight attendant).

Avoid touching the interior surfaces of the vehicle, such as the subway or airplane.

Carry a mask, plastic gloves and an alcohol pad when you leave home.

Eat cooked food as much as possible.

Make sure the meat you eat is healthy and fresh.