Reduce the size of PDF files without losing quality

In this article from digital98, we introduce the best way to reduce the size of PDF files without losing quality. This method can be done using the website, with which you can reduce the size of your PDF files by an amazing amount.

Popular site

Go to Once logged in, it suggests installing the Smallpdf plugin in Google Chrome browser. If you decide to use this site for a long time, we recommend you to install it.

Now click on the Drop PDF here option and then find and confirm the PDF file you want (or drag the PDF file and drop it in the “Drop PDF here” section). After that, your PDF file is uploaded.

Now two options to reduce the given volume are displayed. Select the Basic compression option and then click on the CHOOSE OPTION option to start the volume reduction and compression process automatically.

Click Download on the new page. Select where you want the compressed file to be saved. On your device or your cloud space. A smaller PDF file will be saved on your computer at the location you specified.